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Shandong Reipu Chemicals Co., Ltd. , founded in year of 1998, is a high-tech enterprise in production and operation of refined chemical products. The company established Reipu (Qingdao) International Trade Co., Ltd. in the seaport city Qingdao in 2005 for the sake of exporting business.

Reipu (Qingdao) International Trade Co., Ltd. has been dealing in all the products of our parent company. The leading products of the Company are medical intermediate paracresol, Sorbic Acid and Potassium Sorbate. We also deal in antidoxidant BHT, Sodium benzoate , Crotonaldehyde and food additives. The producing line are made up to the advanced international level and more than 80 percent of the products have been exported to Europe, North America, Japan, Korea Southeast Asia and other countries and areas.

Reipu (Qingdao) International Trade Co., Ltd. will always uphold the enterprising spirit of ¡°Loyalty, Cooperation, Law-abiding and Competitiveness¡± on its road to realize our great objectives. And we will strive for the illustrious achievements.